The Beguiling Sounds of Morgan Delt


The mysterious Morgan Delt brings his beguiling and unique vibes to Chop Suey this Saturday with Fever the Ghost.

Preview the new album on Trouble In Mind HERE

mod f>>k x*plosion


Who doesn’t love early Bee Gees, right? But Julie Driscoll and the Brian Auger Trinity really steal the show in this German TV special from 1968. The producer Jean-Christophe Averty was an experimental TV innovator who hired French pop art guru Guy Peelaert to design all the sets and graphics. Peelart was known for his psychedelic comics Jodelle and Pravda. For more Peelaert, pick up a copy of The Adventures of Jodelle from Fantagraphics Books.



Hypnotikon: Seattle Psych Fest is this Friday and Saturday. For the full schedule and to get tickets (only $40 for both nights!) go to the Triple Door website.

Hypnotikon: Seattle Psych Fest


Hypnotikon at the Triple Door is just a week away! Get two day passes HERE.

Get Groovy California Style


Purveyors of the new Southern California psych scene, the Moon Block Party crew are on tour this week starting in Seattle this Monday.   The heavy free form vibes of JJUUJJUU and the Sunset Strip style party sounds of Mystic Braves (formerly Blackfeet Braves) were major highlights of the Desert Daze Festival earlier this year. Highly recommended for a groovy time!

High Wolf


Rainbow Party


Have a Rainbow Party in your mind this weekend!
Music: 2013 Jetman Jet Team
Video: 1985 “Carried Away” Alan Pakarnyk & Vonnie Von Helmolt
Jetman Jet Team play Chop Suey this Sunday at 8:30.

Portable Shrines Astral Voyages Mix vol. I


The first in a series: Portable Shrines Astral Voyages Mix recorded live from vinyl by DJ One Eye March 2013 across the universe and into your ear hole. Enjoy!

Resurrection – Intro Theme, NGC 891 – Edgar Freose, You and It – Steve Tibbtz, Please Don’t Bother Me Anymore – Shin Joong Hyun, HLD4 – Cave, Drum Tunnel – Sandy Nelson, Trails – Moon Duo, Sweet Sure Gone – MV & EE, Feel The Spirit – Heaven & Earth, Smog – Dug Dug’s, Current – Jonas Munk, Stromlinien – Michael Rother, Kenya Sunset – High Wolf, Celestial Nights – Michael Garrison

You can also follow us on Mixcloud if you are into that…

The Technicolor Nightmares of Morgan Delt


Tons of great tapes coming out these days but this one has been tickling all the right nodes of late. The mysterious MORGAN DELT of Topanga Canyon  paints a beautiful technicolor nightmare reminiscent of the dark UK psych pop of Kaleidoscope and July or the ethereal freak outs of the West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band. Haunted Floydian vocals and time-expanding harpsichord vortexes melted over some very groovy bass lines. Strangely shifting song structures feel like a trip through a teetering funhouse ride. Nobody else is doing it like this these days, that’s for sure.

You can and should order the tape and preview it HERE.



Come get even more Distorted this Wednesday 11/28 during the Lunar Full Moon Eclipse! It’s the 2nd installment of the bi-monthly {{DISTORTIONS}} Psych DJ Night at the LoFi. Resident DJs Explorateur and Veins have been burning up the decks lately with some of the most finely curated and far-out sounds you are likely to hear on this backwoods planet. Alien soundtracks, acid rock, psych funk, vintage electronic futurism and uncategorizable delights will pass through your ear holes all night. This time they will be joined by DJ One Eye of Portable Shrines (who used to bring you ye olde Wednesday night freak-outs at The Living Room). One Eye’s Portable Shrines Light Show will be in full effect as well so prepare to have your orbs dazzled by synergistic 4-D light mandalas.

9:00PM-2:00AM 21+ The LoFi 429 Eastlake Ave East, Seattle



Prepare to be turned on. This Wednesday space truckers Explorateur and Veins begin a new bimonthly edition of their excellent DISTORTIONS psych DJ outfit at the Lo-Fi. Expect a sonic journey into parts unknown.

With a live set by local space-gazers Jetman Jet Team.

Sonic Mysticism this Saturday at The Funhouse


When I heard that the Funhouse was closing I knew we had to do one last show there. It’s always been one of my favorite spots in Seattle and many of the most memorable Portable Shrines events went down there (Psychic Ills, Indian Jewelry, Blues Control, Little Claw, Kinski, Purple Rhinestone Eagle, Moon Duo, Young Prisms, Davila 666, Barn Owl etc.) While the future of Seattle’s favorite stinky punk dive remains unclear we do know that the Funhouse as we know it will be closing it’s doors in October.  Join us for one last portable shrines style freak-out at ye olde Funhouse this Saturday September 29th with a sampling of a few of the finest in the current crop of Northwest noise-

Thrill Jockey recording artists Eternal Tapestry have been keeping the torch of cosmiche music burning for many a year to much acclaim and have possibly played more PS events than any other band. For all the kids who have been getting their minds blown of late by Parson Sound, Faust and Amon Duul II, come experience the modern day equivalent of the Kraut rock and Swedish drone sounds of the 70′s.

Sacred synth seers Stenskogen have been referred to as “evangelists for benevolent sonic mysticism”. Beyond that little else is known.

Terminal Fuzz Terror is the subtle moniker of the latest and most probably greatest project yet spearheaded by Darwin Rodriguez, artiste and eardrum shredder in such past musical combos as Ayahuasca Travelers and Treetarantula. Better then a Davy Allen record left out in the sun. Seriously killer shit.

Kicking off the night right, Baby Guns will take you down a dark swirling tunnel of ultraviolet nightmares you are sure to enjoy. Heavy, trippy gothed-out acid punk vibes to seduce the innocent. Don’t miss one of the best new bands in Seattle.

Baby Guns







The Final Portable Shrines Magic Sound Theatre DJ Night at the Living Room


Wednesday Oct. 19th is going be the last of the Portable Shrines DJ nights at the Living Room. Come down for one final evening of phantasmagorical synesthesia and audio visual incantations. We’ll be having some super special surprise guest DJs. 9pm til close. Find the hidden door…

THANKS to all the fine folks over the past year that have made this such a fun and far out night. Fear not, there will be more trips to be had in the imminent future. The all-seeing DJ One Eye will still be available to spin records at happenings, freak-outs and boogaloo parties across the globe. Just contact info(AT)


Portable Shrines Record Release Party This Saturday!


This Saturday April 2nd we celebrate the release  of our super deluxe double LP extravaganza of mind boggling sounds from beyond. An amazing 6 of the 18 bands featured on the album will be performing at the Lo-Fi Performance Gallery 429 Eastlake. I daresay one of the finest lineups we’ve had the pleasure to present.  These are exact times so don’t miss out!

8:15-8:45 Brother Raven
9:00-9:30 Geist & the Sacred Ensemble
9:45-10:15 Midday Veil
10:30-11:10 Prince Rama
11:25-12:05 Eternal Tapestry
12:20-1:00 Kinski

Spinning the finest zonked out gems all night in the lounge will be DJs Valerie”Explorateur”Calano, Dull Knife’s Adam Svenson and Garek Druss and the all-seeing DJ Eye.  Projections by Aubrey Nehring, Darlene Nordyke, David Golightly and Ellie Dicola.

The record wont be in stores til Record Store Day April 16th so come down and score a copy now, along with some other very limited edition treats.


[VIDEO + AUDIO] – Datura Blues and Midday Veil at the Comet


Last Thursday night, The Comet Tavern was packed to the gills for one of the month’s most anticipated local psych shows. Openers Wah Wah Exit Wound delivered a heavy dose of shreddy prog, and Hypatia Lake played some delightfully Sabbathy cuts from their upcoming album, while DJ Veins and DJ Gel-Sol kept the energy high between sets.

Next up was Portland’s Datura Blues, which seems like an entirely different band every time I see them.  Once they wore cowboy hats and played a set of countryfied jam rock, complete with an adept fiddler.  Another time they riffed on Faust’s Picnic on a Frozen River for some 15 minutes.  Their set at the Comet the other night skirted into jazz fusion territory, with a baritone sax and two drummers.


Midday Veil ended the night, playing a set of mostly new material including a cover of Broadcast’s Pendulum and a number of songs destined for the band’s second studio album.  The general consensus was that MV groove quite a bit harder these days, what with the recent addition of Jayson Kochan (solo project: Airport) on bass guitar to the lineup.  Here’s a video of MV’s debut performance of “Pavamana”…


…plus an audio bootleg of “Shahrazad” from the show.
Midday Veil – Song 2, live at The Comet 03 10 11 by disconnected bootlegs


Midday Veil

Midday Veil at the Comet. Photo by Clarita Hinojosa.


Midday Veil at the Comet

Midday Veil at the Comet. Photo by Clarita Hinojosa

Midday Veil at the Comet

Midday Veil at the Comet. Photo by Clarita Hinojosa.

More photos from Midday Veil’s set after the jump.

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