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Maybe it’s the legal weed but it seems like Seattle is way more receptive to the Wooden Shjips these days. The show last month was amazing and totally packed.

On a semi-related note here’s some kids from Thailand doing a Shjips cover. Gets pretty spaced out towards the end.

Rainbow Party


Have a Rainbow Party in your mind this weekend!
Music: 2013 Jetman Jet Team
Video: 1985 “Carried Away” Alan Pakarnyk & Vonnie Von Helmolt
Jetman Jet Team play Chop Suey this Sunday at 8:30.

Nouveau Pop Psych from Nowheres


Proof positive that the Kingdom of Heaven is within, ’cause it sure ain’t in Fort Wayne Indiana. These fellows manage to carve out some pretty heavenly jams in spite of it all. Dig some Heaven’s Gateway Drugs-



Prepare to be turned on. This Wednesday space truckers Explorateur and Veins begin a new bimonthly edition of their excellent DISTORTIONS psych DJ outfit at the Lo-Fi. Expect a sonic journey into parts unknown.

With a live set by local space-gazers Jetman Jet Team.

Coming to your town…


August 27th at the Crocodile the Wooden Shjips return to Seattle (it’s been too long) in support of their forthcoming Thrill Jockey LP “West” The new long player is an ecstasy inducing biker-rock jam that proves these cats are pretty much the Ramones of psychrock. Exciting to see them share a West Coast tour with Seattle’s finest, the Night Beats. Not sure if they still have spots left but the show is free if you RSVP with Sailor Jerry.

Wooden Shjips – Black Smoke Rise from Thrill Jockey Records on Vimeo.

Then September 9th at the Nectar in Fremont it’s White Hills, Sleepy Sun and Kinski!

White Hills – Paradise from Thrill Jockey Records on Vimeo.

And in case you’ve been hearing rumors, they are true:


Psychrockdanceparty 9/9/9


This wed. 9/9/09 @the Moe Bar (next to Neumo’s)1425 10th Ave Seattle

Crazy record party w/ DJ Mamma Casserole, DJ Darjeeling and DJ Eye. Funky Fuzz and international klassiks new and old. Sound paintings for your ear-holes. We’ll be sampling cuts from some of the upcoming Escalator Fest folks so be sure and join us to spread the good word.
Also I just wanted take the opportunity to say THANKS to all the fine folks who’ve been coming out to all the P.S. events and making all this mess a success of sorts. For the record we’re still just doing this for the love so it’s always a big inspiration when somebody comes up to us to say “hey, right the fuck on” or words to that effect. We may be a little weird but we’re not so bad. Stop by and say HI…