Rainbow Party


Have a Rainbow Party in your mind this weekend!
Music: 2013 Jetman Jet Team
Video: 1985 “Carried Away” Alan Pakarnyk & Vonnie Von Helmolt
Jetman Jet Team play Chop Suey this Sunday at 8:30.

Jetman Jet Team


Some Laser guided melodies from Seattle’s Jetman Jet Team

Sunday at the Rendezvous


Sunday January 27th at the Rendezvous Jewelbox Theater – 

A showcase of exciting new cosmic tones brought to you by Portable Shrines & No Sleep

Jetman Jet Team (these junior spacemen are one of the best new bands we’ve seen in a while)

Ecstatic Cosmic Union (Sonic vortex generators Aubrey Nehring & Rena Luelle Bussinger)

Rainbow Wolves (New synth excursion from Randall Skrasek of Hypatia Lake, Soft Hills etc.)

1/27/2013  9:30 pm  $5  +21   Poster by Rena Bussinger



Prepare to be turned on. This Wednesday space truckers Explorateur and Veins begin a new bimonthly edition of their excellent DISTORTIONS psych DJ outfit at the Lo-Fi. Expect a sonic journey into parts unknown.

With a live set by local space-gazers Jetman Jet Team.