A New Experience In Sound


Poster by Rena Luelle


Have you been to a crystal bowl sound bath? If not than you really need to join us this Saturday March 7th 8PM at Youngstown Cultural Arts Center in West Seattle. Harmonic Gymnastics is a multi-media audio visual experience featuring projections and installations by Love Letter (aka Malaki Stahl and Olivia Mendez), electronic audio meditations from Ecstatic Cosmic Union, Portland cosmiche synth artists Ian Paige (of Planets Around The Sun) and Star Child and a special crystal bowl sound bath from Amber West. The sound bath will start off the evening right at 8pm. It is recommended  that you bring a pillow, blanket or mat to lay on. The evening is brought to you in part by the Society Of Wonder.


Saturday 10/18


Starts early! All Ages! 1412 18th Ave!

Set times:
8:30: Ecstatic Cosmic Union
9:30-on: Stag Hare/Ashan

It shall be a magical ritual of light and sound.
Feel free to bring a blanket or whatever and get cozy.


Stag Hare and Ashan Temple Vibe Tour


Coming up the West Coast as we speak, purveyors of cosmic bliss Stag Hare and Ashan bring their ethereal vibes to Seattle this Saturday 10/18 at Gallery 1412 with Ecstatic Cosmic Union.

Feel free to bring a blanket and/or pillow and get immersed in otherworldly sights and sounds.

Meditation For The Lunar Eclipse


And now, a 10 minute meditation for the Lunar Eclipse. Please take a moment to get your Lunar energies in balance.



Ecstatic Cosmic Union – Hey Lover from Portable Shrines on Vimeo.

A track recorded live in 2013 by Ecstatic Cosmic Union. Light motion paintings by Aubrey Nehring.

Audio/Visual Freak Out at the Josephine


Friday 3/7 at the Josephine in Ballard: New Weather, WLISPS (tape release!), Dried Up Corpse and Ecstatic Cosmic Union. It will also be the debut screening of “Shit Going Down” the latest video experience from Sospun Wespunwest at 8PM so show up early and be mentally prepared.

Prince Rama July 3rd at the Rendezvous Jewelbox Theater


Wednesday July 3rd at the Rendezvous Jewel Box Theater with Ecstatic Cosmic Union and Dionvox

Poster by Steve Quenell. See more of his work HERE

Cosmic Strings


Eiderdown Records has been putting out some great tapes the past year or so by Datashock, A Story of Rats and Planets Around the Sun to name a few. The next batch features tapes by UK guitar soloist Jon Collin and Seattle duo Ecstatic Cosmic Union. They’re coming out this week and the release party is this Friday the 29th at Cairo (507 E.Mercer). Also playing will be two more prolific diy soloists- John Krausbauer (of Tecumseh and Trees) and Damien Johnston(Great Falls). For more info- https://www.facebook.com/events/428056510606932/   Poster by Steve Quenell

electric mellow


This Thursday 2/21 at the Electric Tea Garden on Capitol Hill- an evening of electrically elevated sonic meditations and cosmic jams.

Featuring-  Ecstatic Cosmic Union, Panabrite and Mood Organ with audio/visual incantations by DJ EYE + a special Mood Organ DJ set.

If you haven’t checked out the Electric Tea Garden it is a very groovy spot to hang and soak up some vibes. See ya there.

Sunday at the Rendezvous


Sunday January 27th at the Rendezvous Jewelbox Theater – 

A showcase of exciting new cosmic tones brought to you by Portable Shrines & No Sleep

Jetman Jet Team (these junior spacemen are one of the best new bands we’ve seen in a while)

Ecstatic Cosmic Union (Sonic vortex generators Aubrey Nehring & Rena Luelle Bussinger)

Rainbow Wolves (New synth excursion from Randall Skrasek of Hypatia Lake, Soft Hills etc.)

1/27/2013  9:30 pm  $5  +21   Poster by Rena Bussinger

Last Weekend Video Recap


A few video highlights from the show at Cairo last weekend. MV & EE, Karnak Temples and Ecstatic Cosmic Union performed with projections by Portable Shrines.

Thanks to Explorateur for the Ecstatic Cosmic Union video.