Come get even more Distorted this Wednesday 11/28 during the Lunar Full Moon Eclipse! It’s the 2nd installment of the bi-monthly {{DISTORTIONS}} Psych DJ Night at the LoFi. Resident DJs Explorateur and Veins have been burning up the decks lately with some of the most finely curated and far-out sounds you are likely to hear on this backwoods planet. Alien soundtracks, acid rock, psych funk, vintage electronic futurism and uncategorizable delights will pass through your ear holes all night. This time they will be joined by DJ One Eye of Portable Shrines (who used to bring you ye olde Wednesday night freak-outs at The Living Room). One Eye’s Portable Shrines Light Show will be in full effect as well so prepare to have your orbs dazzled by synergistic 4-D light mandalas.

9:00PM-2:00AM 21+ The LoFi 429 Eastlake Ave East, Seattle

Psychrockdanceparty 9/9/9


This wed. 9/9/09 @the Moe Bar (next to Neumo’s)1425 10th Ave Seattle

Crazy record party w/ DJ Mamma Casserole, DJ Darjeeling and DJ Eye. Funky Fuzz and international klassiks new and old. Sound paintings for your ear-holes. We’ll be sampling cuts from some of the upcoming Escalator Fest folks so be sure and join us to spread the good word.
Also I just wanted take the opportunity to say THANKS to all the fine folks who’ve been coming out to all the P.S. events and making all this mess a success of sorts. For the record we’re still just doing this for the love so it’s always a big inspiration when somebody comes up to us to say “hey, right the fuck on” or words to that effect. We may be a little weird but we’re not so bad. Stop by and say HI…