(We Are) The Orange Alabaster Mushroom


Hot melted sub-nuggets of primo acid punk by the anomalous Orange Alabaster Mushroom.

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Ace Of Cups


San Francisco band Ace of Cups circa 1968.

Suspended Sensory Glitch


Suspended Sensory Glitch from Malaki Stahl on Vimeo.

Music by Marcus Price from the new album Four/3. Video by Malaki Stahl.



Friday June 6th another installment of multi-media arts happening Da’daedal comes to the Youngstown Cultural Arts Center in beautiful West Seattle.




This weekend: The 7th annual Debacle Fest kicks off with the opening ceremonies at Cairo on Friday. The evening begins with the premiere screening of Jonas Rheinhardt’s experimental science fiction film Ganymede at 7:00pm followed by Danny Paul GrodySpectrum Control(Dewey Mahood of Plankton Wat/Eternal Tapestry), Chris Davis, Garek Druss and Dialing In. Only $5.00!! For more info check out Dave Segal’s piece in The Stranger.

Good Morning


BRIM VOYAGE from Dante Fontana on Vimeo.

Music by J.K. and Company, video collage by Dante Fontana.

This Sunday


Honey Hunters


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Be Here Now…Again


This Thursday Chop Suey will be a den of sonic bliss as Loop makes their way to Seattle. Back in the early 90′s their Fade Out and A Gilded Eternity cassettes never left my car, let alone my tape deck, due to the perfect level of noise, beat, and feedback contained within.

Check out Dave’s Segal’s interview with Robert Hampson over at The Stranger, and I highly recommend picking up a copy of Sam Knee’s A Scene In Between: Tripping Through the Fashions of UK Indie Music 1980-1988 to really see how the 80′s UK indie/psych scene looked. Stunning and rare photos of all your favorite bands-yes Loop is in there-some great interviews, and really fantastic hair and shoes.  Word on the street is that the Seattle Public Library has a copy or three as well.

Night Beats Go To South Africa


A nice mellow snapshot of the South African rock scene circa now brought to you by www.psychnight.com

Egypt Is A State Of Mind


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Eiderdown Earth Day Freak Out!


This Tuesday 4/22 at the Black Lodge an epic free form freak out bought to you by Eiderdown Records. Come experience the amazing Italian free jazz of the Jooklo Duo on tour with weirdo groover Bear Bones Lay Low from Belgium. And show up early for rare performances from Dull Knife and Hound Dog Taylor’s Hand (members of Climax Golden Twins).

Reef Madness


Slow Life from Daniel Stoupin on Vimeo.

“The most important living organisms that play the key functions in the biosphere might not seem exciting when it comes to motion. Plants, fungi, sponges, corals, plankton, and microorganisms make life on Earth possible and do all the hard biochemical job. Similarly to all living things, they are dynamic, mobile, and fundamentally have the same motion properties as us. They grow, reproduce, spread, move towards source of energy, and away from unfavorable conditions. However, their speeds happen to be out of sync with our narrow perception. Our brains are wired to comprehend and follow fast and dynamic events better, especially those very few that happen at speeds comparable to ours. In a world of blazingly fast predators and escaping prey events where it takes minutes, hours, or days to notice any changes are harder to grasp”- Daniel Stoupin

Elephant’s Garden


Life is a weird cartoon.

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