Upcoming Events:

8.10.11 Return to the Fungal Abyss @ the Comet

9.23-24 ESCALATOR FEST III @the Lo-Fi Performance Gallery

Past Shows:

1.30.09 Eternal Tapestry (pdx), Idle Times & Tiny Light @ The Rendezvous Jewel Box Theatre

2.11.09 The Portable Shrines Collective and Mamma Casserole’s psychedelic fuzz dance party @ Moe Bar

2.26.09 Backward Masks, To Get Her Together (pdx) and Nice Smile @ The Blue Moon

3.28.09 Midday Veil, This Blinding Light and The Gribbles @ The Josephine

4.06.09 Pink Mountain, I’m a Gun and Rollerball-presented with Ladie’s Choice @ The Rendezvous Jewel Box Theatre

4.10.09 Golden Animals (the deserts of southern cailfornia), Black Nite Crash, Hallways and Bryan John Appleby @ The Comet Tavern

4.11.09 Wooden Shjips, AFCGT, Idle Times and Backward Masks @ The Comet Tavern

6.05.09 Eternal Tapestry, Kinski and Purple Rhinestone Eagle @ The Funhouse

6.21.09 Midday Veil, Prince Rama of Ayodhya, and White Hinterland @ The Josephine

7.06.09 Weird Owl, Assemble Head in Sunburst Sound, Emeralds, and Night Beats @ The Comet Tavern

7.13.09 Psychic Ills, Indian Jewelry and Backward Masks @ The Funhouse

7.18.09 The Portable Shrines Collective psychedelic fuzz out dj party @ Gainsbourg

8.06.09 AFCGT, Arbitron, Treetarantula, and oKo yOnO @ The Comet Tavern

9.05.09 Davila 666, Mannequin Men, Idle Times and Backward Masks @ The Funhouse

9.06.09 Davila 666, Mannequin Men, Coconut Coolouts and Sandy City @ The Morgue (5901 airport way s) 7pm to 10:30 pm $6 or $5 with a can of food, vegan preferably

9.25.09  Escalator Fest @ The Lo Fi Gallery 21+ $15

Jacki-O Motherfucker


Purple Rhinestone Eagle


DJ Randy Travis
DJ Jermaine
DJ Mamma Casserole

9.26.09 Escalator Fest @ The Vera Project all ages $15
Wooden Shjips
Eternal Tapestry
Prince Rama of Ayodhya
Midday Veil
Geist & the Sacred Ensemble
The Slaves
Story of Rats
oKo yOnO
Lord Jeff

10.15.09 AU (pdx), Plankton Wat (pdx) and Pollens @ The Rendezvous JewelBox Theater

11.01.09 Blues Control, Little Claw, and Brother Raven @ The Funhouse

11.13.09 Midday Veil, Janina Angel Bath, Diminished Men, Night Beats @ the Black Lodge

12.17.09 Magik Markers, Sic Alps, AFCGT and Story of Rats @ Chop Suey

1.09.10 Projections for Our Love Will Destroy The World, AFCGT, Dull Knife @ The Funhouse

2.18.10 Moon Duo, Du Hexen Hase and Midday Veil @ The Rendezvous Jewel Box Theatre

3.14.10 The Portable Shrines Collective Djing at The Grey Gallery & Lounge

4.1.10 Projections for Eternal Tapestry, Purple Rhinestone Eagle, ((Audiwasska Travelers)) and Emeralds @ The Comet Tavern

5.1.10  Jackie-O MotherFucker, Blood Red Dancers, Geist & The Sacred Ensemble and Brother Raven @ Chop Suey

5.21.10  Spectrum, Black Night Crash, This Blinding Light @ The Comet Tavern

6.18.10 Happy Birthday Michelle!Purple Rhinestone Eagle, The Curious Mystery, Nudity, Night Beats, Broken Nobles and Tiny Light…Set break noise provided by DJ Randy Travis @ The Comet Tavern

7.26.10 Barn Owl, Story of Rats, Tecumseh @ The Funhouse

10.22.10 – 10.23.10 ESCALATOR FEST @ the The Lo Fi Gallery

2.4.11 High Wolf, Hair & Space Museum, Megabats @Cairo

2.16.11 Portable Shrines Magic Sound Theatre DJ night @ The Living Room

2.26.11 Endless Boogie, Eternal Tapestry, Arbouretum, Scriptures @ The Comet

3.2.11 Portable Shrines Magic Sound Theatre Vol. I Record Release Party! w/ Kinki, Eternal Tapestry, Prince Rama, Midday Veil, Geist & the Sacred Ensemble, Brother Raven -7:30 PM @ the Lo-Fi Performance Gallery 429 Eastlake Ave E. Seattle, WA

3.8.11 Moon Duo, Young Prisms, Diminished Men, Airport  @ the Funhouse


  1. so YOU all are the ones responsible for the uptick in rad weirdness! THANK YOU!!! if you ever need a lackey, lemme know

    heather, April 27, 2010
  2. Hey heather-

    just email us at info@portableshrines.com – we will need help during escalator 2010…peace!

    admin, April 30, 2010

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