The Technicolor Nightmares of Morgan Delt


Tons of great tapes coming out these days but this one has been tickling all the right nodes of late. The mysterious MORGAN DELT of Topanga Canyon  paints a beautiful technicolor nightmare reminiscent of the dark UK psych pop of Kaleidoscope and July or the ethereal freak outs of the West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band. Haunted Floydian vocals and time-expanding harpsichord vortexes melted over some very groovy bass lines. Strangely shifting song structures feel like a trip through a teetering funhouse ride. Nobody else is doing it like this these days, that’s for sure.

You can and should order the tape and preview it HERE.

Sunday at the Rendezvous


Sunday January 27th at the Rendezvous Jewelbox Theater – 

A showcase of exciting new cosmic tones brought to you by Portable Shrines & No Sleep

Jetman Jet Team (these junior spacemen are one of the best new bands we’ve seen in a while)

Ecstatic Cosmic Union (Sonic vortex generators Aubrey Nehring & Rena Luelle Bussinger)

Rainbow Wolves (New synth excursion from Randall Skrasek of Hypatia Lake, Soft Hills etc.)

1/27/2013  9:30 pm  $5  +21   Poster by Rena Bussinger

Now Age more than ever


If you haven’t already- listen to the audio from last year’s “lecture” at the Clocktower Gallery