Nouveau Pop Psych from Nowheres


Proof positive that the Kingdom of Heaven is within, ’cause it sure ain’t in Fort Wayne Indiana. These fellows manage to carve out some pretty heavenly jams in spite of it all. Dig some Heaven’s Gateway Drugs-

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  1. My vagina trembles at the sound of beards rustling. One time, I ate an entire angel food cake. When I started seizing from diabeetus, I told Cray Cray Harvay that my seizure’s rhythm should be the beat for “Come Summer”. Let’s face it guys, before I almost died that song was a hot mess. Eric Frank once fondled my bum, then I gave birth to twins. You could say it was a “Gateway” into a shitty life. Maybe if you hit those drums a little harder, I could feed these hairless lumps of shit! Can’t believe you guys are covering Kid Rock on Saturday, just don’t fucking blow it.

    Maynard's DICK, December 4, 2012

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