Sonic Mysticism this Saturday at The Funhouse


When I heard that the Funhouse was closing I knew we had to do one last show there. It’s always been one of my favorite spots in Seattle and many of the most memorable Portable Shrines events went down there (Psychic Ills, Indian Jewelry, Blues Control, Little Claw, Kinski, Purple Rhinestone Eagle, Moon Duo, Young Prisms, Davila 666, Barn Owl etc.) While the future of Seattle’s favorite stinky punk dive remains unclear we do know that the Funhouse as we know it will be closing it’s doors in October.  Join us for one last portable shrines style freak-out at ye olde Funhouse this Saturday September 29th with a sampling of a few of the finest in the current crop of Northwest noise-

Thrill Jockey recording artists Eternal Tapestry have been keeping the torch of cosmiche music burning for many a year to much acclaim and have possibly played more PS events than any other band. For all the kids who have been getting their minds blown of late by Parson Sound, Faust and Amon Duul II, come experience the modern day equivalent of the Kraut rock and Swedish drone sounds of the 70’s.

Sacred synth seers Stenskogen have been referred to as “evangelists for benevolent sonic mysticism”. Beyond that little else is known.

Terminal Fuzz Terror is the subtle moniker of the latest and most probably greatest project yet spearheaded by Darwin Rodriguez, artiste and eardrum shredder in such past musical combos as Ayahuasca Travelers and Treetarantula. Better then a Davy Allen record left out in the sun. Seriously killer shit.

Kicking off the night right, Baby Guns will take you down a dark swirling tunnel of ultraviolet nightmares you are sure to enjoy. Heavy, trippy gothed-out acid punk vibes to seduce the innocent. Don’t miss one of the best new bands in Seattle.

Baby Guns







Demdike Stare + Jean Rollin


Jean Rollin’s 1969 artsexhorror film La Vampire Nue is a masterpiece of low budget French surrealism unlike any other. Demdike Stare summon some of the most uniquely captivating and unnerving sounds you are likely to hear. This Tuesday as part of the Decibel Festival the two come together as Demdike Stare will be performing an original score to the film which is screening at the Broadway Performance Hall at 5:30.



For your beguilement: a brand new track from the mysterious figures known as Stenskogen. These three shadowy mages from the stone forest rarely make public appearances but when they do they’ve been known to summon a fog of sonic confusion that lasts for days. Stenskogen will be at the Funhouse on Saturday September 29th with Eternal Tapestry, Terminal Fuzz Terror and Baby Guns.

September 29th