dark summer jams


This Friday at Cairo, an exceptionally well rounded evening of dark folk, noise, synths and gnarly punk jams. Featuring a rare appearance from Tunnels (Nick Bindeman of Eternal Tapestry, Jackie-O Motherfucker) and Ensemble Economique (Not Not Fun).

Where’d we put those tapes?


“Hey guys, remember the time we recorded three albums worth of the most mind explodingly brilliant music ever then stuck all the tapes in that closet and left them there for like 40 years? That was pretty cool.”
CAN -the Lost Tapes is out June 19th. Listen to more.

blues control in the valley of what?


Seems like since last we checked Blues Control has found the hidden door to a whole ‘nother level of WHAT exactly? To attempt a gory categorization would only take away from the pure experience. New album with the unassuming name of Valley Tangents is out 6/19 on Drag City.

schwarz fahrn


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Eternal Tapestry keepin’ the Swedish drone vibe alive. From the forthcoming Dawn in 2 Dimensions