This Thursday and Friday (an early show and a late show to separate the late-night ragers from the in bed earliers) at the Black Lodge a very special event combining some really great visual artists with a bunch of excellent local bands (see HERE for the full menu).
Looks like it’s shaping up to be a real doozy folks…

screw coachella


This looks way cooler…

Gary Panter and Joshua White at MOCAD


One of the great minds of our age Gary Panter currently has an extensive multimedia exhibition with light show pioneer Joshua White at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Detroit. The show is up through April.

Joshua White and Gary Panter Opening @MOCAD 2/10/12 from Tom Carey on Vimeo.

In this video he talks about art, garbage, light shows and hippie death cults.

Gary Panter Talk from MOCAD on Vimeo.

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The Land of Sunshine


Here’s something for a rainy dismal day- New work from the blindingly brilliant and bizarre Vince Collins known for his 70’s animations “Life is Flashing Before Your Eyes” and “Euphoria”. This stuff is some twisted fun but much better with the sound off I’d have to say. Hey Vince if you would like some suggestions for the soundtrack let us know!
Here’s some of his early work-

Be still,


The Curious Mystery play the Leafy Green showcase at SXSW today 3/15 (along with Kid Congo and Sleepy Sun) and may be coming to your town soon…
Click here for tour dates.

Arrington out East


Trans-utopian trance punk Arrington de Dionyso has been astounding us ever since ye Old Time Rilijun days. See what this force of nature has been up to on his recent world travels from Java to Sweden and who knows where else.

Arrington De Dionyso’s Malaikat Dan Singa from Marcus Wilén on Vimeo.


Lost in the Luminous Forest


Caravan Age/Portable Shrines “Luminous Forest” installation at Youngstown Cultural Arts Center last Friday was a magical success. Thanks to Kelli’s Starlight Wishes, The Midget and Lou-Lou for providing an excellent soundtrack. Visit Caravan Age for more photos and see below for more info on the event…