SPACE d’OM is a meditation environment, a utopian lounge, and constantly evolving multimedia crash pad nestled both inside and outside of a 17′ geodesic dome. We’ve been installing it all week for ONN/OF Festival in Ballard.  You can read more about it here and here, or you can just come experience it for yourself this Saturday and Sunday at the Sweater Factory, 1415 NW 52nd.


reverberation appreciation


The lineup for this year’s Austin Psych Fest has been announced and it looks pretty sweet. Bombino, Moon Duo, High Wolf, Psychic Ills, Woods and Night Beats to name a few. Psych DJ  Al Lover provides an excellent  reverb-drenched mixtape as a preview.  Al Lover’s handcrafted hip-hop/psych rock mixes are all amazing, confounding and highly recommended meditations on rhythm and sound. Have a listen.

Strange Sounds Heard Worldwide


Saturday @the Comet


1/21/2012 -That band of mystic heathens known as Jeffertitti’s Nile return to Seattle. Their future primitive space garage vibes  were one of the highlights of Escalator Fest 2010 so we look forward to seeing them again but this bill also boasts three of the hands down best local acts going right now- Diminished Men, Rose Windows and the Low Hums. With DJ Mamma Casserole.  See you there…

Are you down with the PHP?


The popularity of Gong seems to be at a 30 year high and why not? In this messed up world sometimes Gong is the only thing that makes sense. Just ask George Jefferson.

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only the madman is absolutely sure



When was the last time you had all your mental polarities reversed?

To mark the 5th anniversary of the passing of Robert Anton Wilson the folks over at Boing Boing are devoting a week to this great modern philosopher and comedian. Be sure and check it out.

“To make everybody less sure of themselves, that’d be great, huh?”-RAW

“Consciousness itself is an infinite regress. This explains coincidences.”



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