hail bombino


Tuareg guitar phenomena Bombino comes all the way from the edge of the Sahara to Seattle December 11 at the Nectar.

From the Zero Gravity Films website-
“The Tuareg are an ancient Saharan nomadic tribe who, since the 12th century, have linked North Africa and West Africa, guiding their camel caravans across the desert, spreading art and music from Egypt to Mali. The Tuareg guard their independence and personal freedoms fiercely and have taken up arms against the government three times in the past two decades. They are also a very moderate and independent Muslim culture that cherishes the right to worship in their own way, as well as the rights of women. In fact, in Tuareg culture, the men cover their faces, the women do not.”

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Happy Thanksgiving you turkeys


I would say let’s all take a moment to be thankful that our way of life is not being systematically decimated by christian missionaries, but it looks like those bastards are still fucking everything up. Hail Satan…

Praise the lord and pass the sacrificial carving knife.

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Into the CAVE


Another great show at the Comet (Lesbian, La Otracina, Great Society Mind Destroyers, Hypatia Lake show the week before was incredible BTW)
Thanks to Mama Casserole and all the folks who support amazing touring bands like Chicago’s CAVE. Locals Are You a Cat?, Midday Veil and Kinski also tore it up for real.
Here’s a couple videos from the show featuring Portable Shrines light show by Aubrey Nehring and Rena Bussinger.

what it’s really all about


Peace to all.



A couple of weeks ago, we bid adieu to the Portable Shrines Magic Sound Theatre DJ night at the Living Room. It was sad to see it go, but we’re glad to have the extra time to work on other projects. Fortunately for Seattle music fans, a new night is poised to fill the bi-weekly psych-shaped hole in your soul.


Flier by Andrew Reichel

The brainchild of groove gurus DJs Explorateur (Valerie Calano) and Veins (Dave Segal of The Stranger), {{{¡DISTORTIONS!}}} promises to spotlight “REVELATORY PSYCHEDELIC MUSIC FROM EARTH AND BEYOND.”

Voracious appreciators of far-out music from all over the globe and from many eras, these two obsessives take pleasure in expanding minds with their (mostly) rare, obscure, and third-ear-puncturing records. (Explorateur and Veins—who are also residents at PROG!, a bimonthly event at Living Room dedicated to prog rock’s most exciting realms—would rather read the small print in insurance policy forms than DJ with MP3s.) Psychedelic music takes many strange forms, and these savvy DJs build their sets to showcase as many as they can squeeze into the space-time continuum before last call.

{{{¡DISTORTIONS!}}} debuts tonight, Thursday November 10, 9 pm-2am at The Living Room, 1355 East Olive in Capitol Hill, with special guest MIKE NIPPER of Emerald City Soul Club and Talcum. Facebook invite here. Stop by and say hi!



This Saturday 9/12 is  SHORT RUN Seattle’s first small press expo. An explosion of hand made media at the Vera Project in the afternoon followed by an art opening/after party at the fabulous Fantagraphics store in Georgetown (right next to Georgetown Records). Dig on it.

“Short Run is an event showcasing regional small press publications and individual makers of art books, zines, comics, literary works, and animation. It is an alternative to large-scale commercial conventions and will focus on alternative press, limited editions, and handmade books.”




This Friday 11/11/11 at the Comet a cosmic convergence bigger than Asteroid  2005 YU55. Four of the heaviest known bands on Earth lay waste to Seattle.

Lesbian, La Otracina (NYC), Great Society Mind Destroyers (Chicago) and Hypatia Lake (record release party!)

With the all-seeing DJ One Eye spinning vinyl revelatons between bands.

Get a preview of the new vinyl LP by Hypatia Lake HERE





Neverendless Dance Party


When we first heard Cave‘s 2009 instrumental rock opus Psychic Psummer it was love at first listen, and we hoped that we would see them out in the Northwest sometime soon. Then last year, when they released Pure Moods, we were like, “man oh man! They HAVE to do a US tour now!”  No dice.

At long last,  on the heels of their new record Neverendless on Drag City, Cave are finally making their first ever Seattle appearance.

Neverendless is a distinctively balls-out foray into repetitive, rhythmic drone structures and sick krauty grooves. Drag City says it’s “roller-rinkin’ rock for the next generation,” whatever that means.  (All we know is, we fuckin WISH we knew about a roller rink that jammed Cave!)

Anyway, we’re pleased as punch to finally have that opportunity to host Cave in Seattle on Thursday, November 17 at the Comet Tavern, in a lineup that also includes veteran rocksters Kinski, psych shapeshifters Midday Veil and a rare performance from reclusive electro-noise darlings Are You A Cat?, plus sweaty cuts deep into the night from DJ Explorateur and visuals by Portable Shrines.

This is going to be a rager, kids.  Prepare accordingly.