The Great Dilemma


There are two can’t-miss shows tonight happening on opposite ends of town. I guess this is a good problem to have, but damn if it isn’t tough to choose sometimes.

Over at Chop Suey, our longtime faves Night Beats are celebrating the release of their debut full-length  on Trouble in Mind Records with Bare Wires and First Times. Facebook invite here.

At Nectar, Sublime Frequencies presents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to witness a performance by Group Doueh from the Western Sahara. Filling out the bill will be Angelo Spencer et les Hauts Sommets and Arrington De Dionyso’s Malaikat dan Singa, who recently released an online-only album titled Slow Dancin’ Under the Moon.  This one will likely sell out, we recommend getting there early.

Fortunately, as transdimensional beings, we will be able to experience these shows simultaneously. The rest of you will have to choose…

freak out with your beak out


Saturday July 2nd at Cairo (507 E Mercer) WYLD WYZRDZ (PDX), gkfoes vjgoaf (CA) and Perpetual Ritual

8pm all-ages

Poster by Max Clotfelter


Cheap Thrills


Thrill Jockey is a label that just can’t seem to put out anything that isn’t jaw-droppingly awesome lately. They just signed the Wooden Shjips and have been scooping up many of the most primo freaks currently making the scene. See Daniel Higgs, Zomes, Mountains, Sidi Toure and honestly too many others mention in one sitting. Get a little taste of White Hills having a rather Amphetamine Reptile moment below from their latest offering Hp-1 (they’ll be in Seattle September 9th at Nectar). And don’t miss the swirling majesty of Eternal Tapestry’s collaboration with Sun Araw entitled Night Gallery.

White Hills – H-p1 from Thrill Jockey Records on Vimeo.

Eternal Tapestry & Sun Araw – Night Gallery III by thrilljockey

Get dowwwn with Geist and the Sacred Ensemble


Geist and the Sacred Ensemble play the Josephine (surely you know where that is?) this Saturday night to celebrate their long awaited first full-length release. You can get a preview of it HERE. Also dig this interview on the always excellent Revolt of the Apes blog.

With: HUNTER (Tacoma), Kelli’s Starlight Wishes and Tied To Branches (SF)

The Galactic Dialogue


And now an intriguing new piece from John Gillanders of EXTRA DIMENSIONAL fame, the first of what will hopefully be a multi-part series. Read on if you dare…

As a general rule, there is a fairly simple measure which can be used to judge any supposed spiritual leader. If they act is if they truly know what they’re talking about, like they have all the answers, they’re an obvious fraud. In a world of infinite complexity, to think the macro consciousness would be more simplistic than the micro reflection of itself feels like a tragically lazy assumption, yet that’s the mentality that drives a great deal of our daily behavior in regards to spirituality.

Whether you want to believe in the reality (a tough concept to define) of these things is up to you, but it can’t be denied that throughout human history and to this day, certain people perceive what mystics describe as the spirit realm, or I like to refer to as fourth dimensional timespace perception. It just sounds sexier. We love to label these beliefs as crazy because a lot of these people are so far over the edge that we have trouble even connecting with them, but also conveniently ignore the fact that millions of others deal with this on a regular basis, and aren’t remotely “crazy” by any conventional definition of the word. As a matter of fact, spiritual practices that involve ritualistically ingesting sacred chemical compounds and other more natural methods to create “contact with gods” encounters have existed throughout human history, and it’s estimated that at least ten percent of the world’s population practice these more shamanic disciplines still.

I’m one of these people despite the most adamant protestations of my left brain, not to mention my western cultural imprinting. I tried to run away from this aspect of myself for the better part of a decade, but eventually just decided to run with it. It should be noted that my life has improved infinitely since I revised my approach. Read more…