Portable Shrines Record Release Party This Saturday!


This Saturday April 2nd we celebrate the release  of our super deluxe double LP extravaganza of mind boggling sounds from beyond. An amazing 6 of the 18 bands featured on the album will be performing at the Lo-Fi Performance Gallery 429 Eastlake. I daresay one of the finest lineups we’ve had the pleasure to present.  These are exact times so don’t miss out!

8:15-8:45 Brother Raven
9:00-9:30 Geist & the Sacred Ensemble
9:45-10:15 Midday Veil
10:30-11:10 Prince Rama
11:25-12:05 Eternal Tapestry
12:20-1:00 Kinski

Spinning the finest zonked out gems all night in the lounge will be DJs Valerie”Explorateur”Calano, Dull Knife’s Adam Svenson and Garek Druss and the all-seeing DJ Eye.  Projections by Aubrey Nehring, Darlene Nordyke, David Golightly and Ellie Dicola.

The record wont be in stores til Record Store Day April 16th so come down and score a copy now, along with some other very limited edition treats.


beyond the wall of fuzz


Those cosmic travelers Moon Duo return April 8th at the Funhouse bringing dreams of summer fuzz. Speaking of dreamy fuzz San Francisco’s Young Prisms have plenty to spare so come get some. Also joining them will be one of the finest live acts in Seattle, the Diminished Men along with the soaring sounds of AIrport.

For Real


This is a real thing that is happening next week.

Monolith Jazz


The thunderous and glacial bliss out of Magnog returns this Friday. Fans of the far out, kraut rock and spacegazing heavy sounds take note. This being their first real performance in some 13 years many may not be familiar with the fabled trio, who had two amazing releases on Kranky records in the late 90’s before disappearing into the cosmic haze from whence they came. Who knew such a band even existed or could exist, in the 90’s no less, in Seattle no less… Now Magnog has returned to take us all back to the ancient cosmic source.
Joined by the sonic shamanic madness of those metalloid medicine men Ayahuasca Travelers and the superhuman rock prowess of the Spoils (featuring the master musicianry of Milky Burgess) . Friday 3/25 at the Comet

Singing in the Spring


Vernal Equinox

This Monday, March 21 is the Vernal Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere.  Come celebrate the occasion with a celestial selection of musical niceties:

Dull Knife (featuring Garek Druss of A Story of Rats + TECUMSEH and Adam Svenson of Little ClawDu Hexen Hase)

John Krausbauer (Portland, of TECUMSEH)

Hair and Space Museum (kosmische duo project of David and Emily of Midday Veil)

Fielded (Solo project of Lindsay Powell of Ga’an, on tour from Chicago)

At the Josephine, 608 NW 65th, 9 pm. Facebook event here.

Rest in Peace, Brother Bear


Owsley Stanley

LSD icon and former Grateful Dead sound engineer Owsley “Bear” Stanley is dosing the angels now.  Bear left this mortal plane yesterday at the age of 76 in a car accident in Queensland, Australia, where he moved in the 1990s in order to better weather the coming environmental catastrophes associated with global warming.

The black sheep of a prominent Kentucky political family, Owsley Stanley rose to fame in the 1960s underground scene as the producer of the finest LSD in San Francisco.  He was arrested on drug charges in 1967 but got off; the cops got their revenge in 1970 by revoking his bail for a routine pot bust in Oakland.  Of his arrest, Stanley later reminisced,

I wound up doing time for something I should have been rewarded for. What I did was a community service, the way I look at it. I was punished for political reasons. Absolutely meaningless. Was I a criminal? No. I was a good member of society – only my society and the one making the laws are different.

Stanley’s website, thebear.org is full of things everyone should read, including a page of essays on his beliefs on everything from the drug war to nutrition to the coming ice age.

Rest in peace, Brother Bear.  Wish we had a hundred more like you.


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[VIDEO + AUDIO] – Datura Blues and Midday Veil at the Comet


Last Thursday night, The Comet Tavern was packed to the gills for one of the month’s most anticipated local psych shows. Openers Wah Wah Exit Wound delivered a heavy dose of shreddy prog, and Hypatia Lake played some delightfully Sabbathy cuts from their upcoming album, while DJ Veins and DJ Gel-Sol kept the energy high between sets.

Next up was Portland’s Datura Blues, which seems like an entirely different band every time I see them.  Once they wore cowboy hats and played a set of countryfied jam rock, complete with an adept fiddler.  Another time they riffed on Faust’s Picnic on a Frozen River for some 15 minutes.  Their set at the Comet the other night skirted into jazz fusion territory, with a baritone sax and two drummers.


Midday Veil ended the night, playing a set of mostly new material including a cover of Broadcast’s Pendulum and a number of songs destined for the band’s second studio album.  The general consensus was that MV groove quite a bit harder these days, what with the recent addition of Jayson Kochan (solo project: Airport) on bass guitar to the lineup.  Here’s a video of MV’s debut performance of “Pavamana”…


…plus an audio bootleg of “Shahrazad” from the show.
Midday Veil – Song 2, live at The Comet 03 10 11 by disconnected bootlegs


Midday Veil

Midday Veil at the Comet. Photo by Clarita Hinojosa.


Midday Veil at the Comet

Midday Veil at the Comet. Photo by Clarita Hinojosa

Midday Veil at the Comet

Midday Veil at the Comet. Photo by Clarita Hinojosa.

More photos from Midday Veil’s set after the jump.

Read more…

creeling with a feeling


The Curious Mystery’s long awaited 2nd album “We Creeling” is bound to be one of the better things you are likely to put in your ear. It just came out on K records this week and they are having a release party Friday at the Comet, so stop by and see em for yourself. They are real. They exist. They put on a fucking great show and their new album is amazing. Don’t miss out.
With Karl Blau, Lonesome Shack and DJ Mamma Casserole.

Damn These Shackles of Gravity


Midday Veil, Datura Blues at the Comet

This Thursday: an cornucopia of audiovisual delicacies at The Comet Tavern.  Headliners Midday Veil will be debuting a slew of new material, while Datura Blues from Portland will be touring behind the release of their latest EP Damn These Shackles of Gravity.  (Ryan Muldoon has some kind words for the Blues Bros over at Revolt of the Apes.)

Rounding out the bill will be Hypatia Lake, laying some heavy grooves from their upcoming record and prog-nosticators Wah Wah Exit Wound.

Here’s some video from Datura Blues’ last stop in Seattle, almost a full year ago:

VIDEO: Eternal Tapestry at The Comet Tavern, 2/26/2011


For your listening/viewing enjoyment: some video of Eternal Tapestry’s set from last weekend’s Portable Shrines happening.


Magma Fest


For the next few weeks, our DIY brethren at Hollow Earth Radio are hosting an assortment of shows at a variety of venues for the annual shindig known as Magma Festival.  There’s a ton of info on their website about lineups and locales for the various shows; however readers of this blog especially won’t want to miss the festivities this Saturday night, March 5:

Beginning at 5:30 at the International District Light Rail station, a number of performers will be infiltrating the Light Rail, giving acoustic performances for unsuspecting passers-by.  The evening will end with a triumphal after-party at Radar Hair and Records featuring performances by Kaleidosaur, Sugar Skulls, Rob Walmart, Mark Ostrowski and Jeffrey Taylor (the configuration that played as Climax Golden Twins at last fall’s Escalator Fest, now officially known as Hound Dog Taylor’s Hand), and Ya Ho Wha 33, a one-time assembly of original YaHoWha 13 member Djin Aquarian, who will be joined by Shana Cleveland and Nick Gonzalez (Curious Mystery), Emily Pothast and David Golightly (Midday Veil), Dave Abramson (Diminished Men/Master Musicians of Bukkake), Kaz Nomura (PWRFL Power) and Garrett Kelly (WÄMU, Hollow Earth co-founder).

Facebook event here.

Magma Fest 2011