Smoke and Mirrors


High Wolf at Cairo

Touring behind the release of his mind-warping Ascension LP on Not Not Fun—as well as an upcoming 7″ for side project Iibiis Rouge (with Astral Social Club’s Neil Campbell) for Seattle’s Dirty Knobby Industries—the mysterious High Wolf will be voyaging all the way from France this weekend to pile layer upon layer of ritualistic keyboard drones and trance hooks onto your psyche at Cairo.  Rounding out the bill will be exploratory local duo Hair and Space Museum (aka David and Emily of Midday Veil) and blissarific synth duo Megabats, plus fantasmagoric projections by Portable Shrines. You won’t want to miss this one.

Enter the Fungal Abyss


Tonight at the Josephine…

Lesbian Poster

Psych-metal giants Lesbian will be performing their shroom-inspired epic “Fungal Abyss,” for the first and possible only time ever, along with cosmic sets by Midday Veil and This Blinding Light.

Word on the street is that there will be limited edition t-shirts and silkscreen posters on hand for the occasion. See you there!

Father Midnight


NPR just featured an excellent preview of the new album from Earth entitled Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light I.

Check it out and be sure and watch the Leidenfrost effect video while you listen…

Radar Love



A v. B


Jodorowsky’s Fabulas Panicas (panic fables)

Yes, among so many other things Alejandro Jodorowsky also had a prolific and little known career as a cartoonist for a Mexican newspaper drawing a strip every week between the years of 1967-73. Each one was a unique story or lesson unto itself which contained a tiny jolt of shamanic brilliance in comix form.

tractor tavern tonight 1.11.11



Tonight at the Tractor Tavern….

Dead Meadow, Sweet Apple,  and Seattle’s Blood Red Dancers.

This will rule. For those not in the know Sweet Apple is J. Mascis (Dinsoaur JR, remember them?) with Tim Parnin and John Petkovic of Cobra Verde and Dave Sweetapple of Witch. Dead Meadow grinds the dark psych deep into the ground and Blood Read Dancers will make you so angry/sad that you will drink too much as to possibly call in sick to work the next day…