Janina Angel Bath – Northwest Mini Tour



From a meditative murmur to an orgiastic outcry, vocalist, bandleader and charismatic costuming queen, Janina Angel Bath, spins a dizzying halo of exotic rainbow sound and sight about her. Accompanied by an ever-changing tableau of spirited fellow musicians and cosmic travelers (on Sitar, Harmonium, Tabla, snake flute and whatever suits the occasion), Janina Angel transforms the stage back into the haze and daze of the wonder that once was.

- Joe Niem

Currently based in Oakland, psychedelic songstress Janina Angel Bath is a former member of Portland’s Eternal Tapestry and has toured with Seattle’s Midday Veil.  A student of North Indian classical vocal music and Native American flute, Janina’s current musical project revolves around her hypnotic, spiritually soothing melodies and enchanting, minimal accompaniment.  This afternoon at Wall of Sound, Janina will be giving a free instore performance in support of her limited edition LP Gypsy Woman, currently available from Prophase Music.  The show begins at 6 p.m. sharp, and Janina will be giving tarot readings beginning at 5 p.m.

If you’re in Portland, be sure to catch Janina tomorrow, July 29, at Dunes (1909 NE MLK) with Datura Blues and Midday Veil.

Thursday July 29th


Music for heads.

More molten fonts of doom courtesy of the phantasmic Darwin Rodriguez

9pm @the Josephine-
Audiwasska Travelers
Macrocosm (PDX)
Tiny Light

Drone Summit


This Moonday July 26th we fill the Funhouse with molten puddles of oozing sonic mind-melt.
Tecumseh (PDX featuring Garek*story of rats* Druss)
Barn Owl (SF Thrill Jockey)
Tiny Light (w/ special guest David Golightly of Midday Veil)
Adam Svenson (Dull Knife, Du Hexen Hase)
Projections by Portable Shrines Light Show Society



Free yourself from the chains of thought. Become one with the now.

Citizens Alert!


Apparently there is such a tidal wave of great home-made sounds pouring forth from bedrooms and basements around the world that some folks at ye olde pitchfork have assembled a team of 14 music bloggers for a new thing called Altered Zones with the focus being psych and drone, leftfield pop, experimental, and home-recorded electronic sounds.

And if that isn’t enough to convince you that mind-altering drone music is what the cool kids are doing it turns out it’s dangerous too. That’s right folks, Music can get you high and put you in an altered state!

You’ve been warned! Here’s more on this alarming new trend-

Nicomi Nix Turner


Nicomi ‘Nix’ Turner is an amazing artist currently working out of Northern California.  She combines Religion, Nature, Alchemy, mixes in some Anatomy and produces disturbingly stunning pieces…

Check out her video ‘Midnight Mourning & Crooked Ways’

‘Midnight Mourning & Crooked Ways’- Art Tour with Nicomi Nix Turner from Nicomi Turner on Vimeo.

arachnophobia tonight at the funhouse


It’s the terrifying return of Treetarantula not to mention the monolithic sounds of Subarachnoid Space Saturday 7/10

peaking lights


Peaking Lights are on tour but alas I will have to settle for this fascinating film as they are not traveling to my mizrable and goshforsaken burg. Perhaps you are a luckier sort. Check out the whole “Sound Builders” series though it’s pretty nice…

7/27/10 – The Crepe Place, Santa Cruz, CA w/ Pocahaunted + Mi Ami

7/28/10 – Rickshaw Stop, San Francisco, CA, w/ Pocahaunted + Mi Ami+ Late Young

7/29/10 – Muddy Water’s Cafe, Santa Barbara, CA w/ Pocahaunted + Mi Ami

7/30/10 – The Bootleg Theater, LA, w/ Pocahaunted + Mi Ami

8/2/10 – Echo Curio, LA w/Ged Gengras, Sun Araw, Metal Rouge, Robedoor

8/3/10 – Tin Can House, San Diego, CA – w/Metal Rouge

8/4/10 – Tempe, AZ w/Metal Rouge

8/5/10 – Albuquerque, NM w/Metal Rouge

8/6/10 – Denver, CO w/Metal Rouge

8/7/10 – Kansas City, MO w/Metal Rouge

8/8/10 – The Mill, Iowa City, IA w/Metal Rouge

8/9/10 – Minneapolis, MN w/Metal Rouge

8/10/10 – Madison, WI

folk jamz


This week brings a traveling folkadelic caravan of groovers through the Northwest spreading the vibes of goodness. Follow the links for all of the particulars:

I Believe In Sunshine, Mountainhood, Bird By Snow

Friday they will be at the awesome Columbia City Full Tilt, stop in for ice cream, pinball and tunes…

Have an ExtraDimensional summer…


And now the first installment of a summer serial from the one and only John Gillanders of Black Science. Stay tuned for more…

“And I saw this jester. And he was coming down the street. I was in the crowd, I was right there. And one side of him was totally black, and the other side was totally colorful, and here he is, just laughing.” She closes her eyes, remembering. “And I’m getting the image of the dark side of life, and the light side, and here is this jester…just laughing! Laughing at the human condition, that we humans think we have any clue as to what is really going on. And I started chuckling, and then I started laughing, and I’m thinking–we’re so clueless! I was laughing with God, and with the jester, and with everything, and I said to myself, `We humans, we’re just so silly! We think we know. We don’t know. What is this experience on this earth? This is amazing.’ When you really start to think about it–how could this be?” (from a John Hopkins University Psilocybin research participant.)

Strange times good people – strange times and shadowy entanglements. Spontaneous ruminations on the warring factions of chaos and order, mergings in the outer reaches of a nervous system that call forth an erotic astral trance of expanding magnitudes. The convergent path is fed by the incoherent, like an eternal bliss fuck come down –  a cascading mind warp of pleasantly echoing distortion. Was I the order? Was I the echo? There were boundless and inspiring miracles. Incestuous tragicomedies. Always the complexity. Forever.
Read more…



We need more of this in our lives ASAP.

Pocahaunted – All Of Is Of from Not Not Fun on Vimeo.