this beltaine eve at chop suey…you bring the woodruff wine


Portland improv folkadelic ensemble Jackie-O Motherfucker make
the slack jam a transcendental experience. These space cadets transform
instrumental meander into grandeur. Follow their sinuous peregrinations and
become enlightened. Seattle organ/drums/bass trio Blood Red Dancers play
bruising rock for boozers. The drama runs thick in their tumultuous songs,
with vocalist Aaron Poppick often opting for the "harrowing" setting on his
cords. Imagine the Doors and the Stranglers fighting to a draw in a drunken
bar brawl. Geist & the Sacred Ensemble tap into a pagan-folk vibe that's
more *Wicker Man* than Burning Man—thankfully. They're what the Cave Singers
would sound like if they swapped moonshine for magic mushrooms. Local synth
duo Brother Raven repurpose the music of the spheres for isolation-tank
listening. *DAVE SEGAL*

Video: Master Musicians of Bukkake at Roadburn


Last weekend, Seattle No-Age shamans Master Musicians of Bukkake conjured some exotic demons at the Roadburn Festival in Amsterdam.  Fortunately for the folks back home, at least one astral traveler was able to keep his or her shit together well enough to post some lovely video of their set.

Master Musicians are one of a handful of bands confirmed for this year’s Portable Shrines Escalator Festival, scheduled for October 22 and 23 at the Lo-Fi Performance Gallery. Check the festival’s site in the coming weeks for additions to the lineup.

Austin Psych Fest 3…


Our brothers and sister to the south are throwing a weekend long party Austin style…if you happen to be in the area do not miss this fest. Our Austin collective member, Victoria Renard, will be documenting the festivities all weekend and we will be posting it very soon.

the poster will get you there.



hail tropicalia



the non-objective cinema of Jordan Belson


Tonight at the Northwest Film Forum is an extremely rare showing of the cosmic films of Jordan Belson, whom some have called one of America’s greatest filmmakers. Originally a painter Belson began creating abstract films of intense visionary power in the late 1940’s that are still mind-blowing today and are said to have inspired the climactic sequences of Kubrick’s, 2001, A SPACE ODYSSEY.

From the NWFF website-

“Films Sacred and Profane is a very special program featuring rarely-seen works, including Allures (1961), Samadhi (1967), a newly-preserved print of Chakra (1972), Light (1973), Music of the Spheres (1977/2002), and Epilogue (2005).  In the late-1950s, Belson collaborated with composer Henry Jacobs on the historic Vortex Concerts, which combined the latest electronic music with moving visual abstractions projected on the dome of Morrison Planetarium in San Francisco. Belson then began making what would become an astonishing body of over 30 abstract films that are, as curator Cindy Keefer has described, “richly woven with cosmological imagery, exploring consciousness, transcendence, and the nature of light itself.” He also produced special effects for the film The Right Stuff (1983), and continues making fine art and films today.

Visual Music series at NWFF


I think it goes without saying that we are seriously geeked up about this new series of early experimental films showing this month at the Northwest Film Forum. Extremely rare, beautiful and positively groundbreaking films from the likes of Oskar Fischinger, Mary Ellen Bute, Jordan Belson and a panel discussion which “explores the little-known history of experimental films and light shows in the Seattle area in the late 1960s and early 70s, and celebrates the pioneers of this funky, techno-folk multi-media art form.”