Dig the latest chart-smashing hit from AFCGT,  “Two-legged Dog”

This vid is real nice too-

Then come see em at the Funhouse Saturday 1/9.

Thank you and come again.

Roland S. Howard Dies


articles at and at the Daily Swarm

Roland S Howard was one of the most unique guitarist/songwriters of recent history, and one of the most underrated. These Immortal Souls are seriously one of the best bands I have ever come across. This is terribly sad news.

MELBOURNE musician Rowland S Howard has lost his battle with liver cancer.

He passed away this morning, aged 50.

Howard was waiting for a liver transplant and had canceled recent shows due to illness.

The influential guitarist came to prominence as a member of Melbourne punk band the Boys Next Door who became The Birthday Party, fronted by Nick Cave.

Howard wrote their iconic hit Shivers, and his guitar skills would inspire a generation to come.

The guitarist was also a member of bands including Crime and the City Soultion and These Immortal Souls.

His second solo album, Pop Crimes, was released in October to critical acclaim.

His final gig was at the Prince of Wales in October to launch the album.

In an interview with Rolling Stone to promote the album Howard spoke of his years of poor health.

Being told that you’ve only got a couple of years to live without a transplant is a pretty frightening experience and certainly changes the way you feel about your life, (it) makes things so much closer.”

Howland appeared in this year’s Melbourne punk scene documentary We’re Living on Dog Food, released with the DVD of Australian film Dogs in Space.

Dave Segal Djing @ Grey Gallery tonight!


Tonight (12.27.09) the Stranger’s Dave Segal is spinning some records from his insane collection at the Grey Gallery in Seattle 7:00pm – 11:00pm. Last week Garek Druss (aka Story of Rats) was rocking the psych and norwegian death metal all night-Dave’s set should prove to be just as fabulous…

best of 2009…thanks, man.


We were listed as part of The Stranger’s Best of 2009…

The Emergence of Portable Shrines

Spearheaded by Darlene Nordyke and Aubrey Nehring, the Portable Shrines collective became a focal point and catalyst for the city’s psych-rock scene in 2009, booking several of the year’s most audacious bills and inaugurating the Escalator festival in September, a two-night extravaganza that has potential to rival the long-running Terrastock. With their keen eyes for poster design and highly attuned ears for the peak-time, mind-­expanding sounds of both local and national acts, this promotion company raises hopes that Seattle’s headiest heads will receive the audio-visual massaging they’ve been craving for years. DS

good old, weird america


There is a great exhibit happening at the Frye Museum in Seattle until January 3rd, 2010 called The Old, Weird America: Folk themes in Contemporary Art…hurry before it is gone.

There are No Wrong Turns


Comics artist Adam Pollina takes an extraordinary journey into the heart of Columbia’s military Red Zone in search of a legendary shaman. (grabbed from reality sandwich)

December’s Extra Dimensional by John Gillanders


Extra Dimensional

““I felt like he was a father, a god, a brother, a friend, a teacher and most of all, an extremely superior entity that had total care for me, but seemed very strict with me at the same time, as if I was a child that he just caught running away with a cookie jar (that’s just a metaphor)………………………………………I must say again that “he” radiated superiority, but not a conceited or greedy superiority, not a better than you attitude, and not a proud superiority. It was like the kind of mature superiority you would notice in the most intelligent and wise person, but multiply that times like a billion, and that was the one standing before me. He was also so strong, emanating so much brilliance, that it was like he was omniscient, incredibly good, incredibly wise, and amazingly wonderful.”

The above quote is in reference to a fairly typical near death spirit guide encounter; in this case involving a 17 year old accidentally OD’ing on pills to escape an increasingly bleak medical crisis. I ended last month’s installment with the proclamation that: “the stupidity and spiritual ignorance of mankind, especially as we enter a new age of information, certainly seems conspiratorial.” And the attitude of irrational cynicism that we, as a culture, have taken in regards to the Near Death Experience is a prime example of what I was hinting at. For some reason, the likelihood of anyone learning anything about Near Death Experiences in say, school, church, or anywhere in the scope of the popular media outside of say, specialty shows on the Discovery Channel is fairly slim. Even in all the specialty shows that I’ve seen, the counter opinion of scientific materialism is almost always presented as the final and defining word on the subject. As a result, I can’t count the number of conversations I’ve had with people that seem to have never heard of NDE’s as they’re often referred, or more accurately have maybe heard about them in passing but were convinced, like most are in westernized culture, that they’re not a relevant thing to be thinking about.

Let’s contemplate this brilliance for a minute. When people get extremely close to dying, even to the point of being legally brain dead for extended periods of time, they come back with incredibly similar stories of spiritually transcending the physical realm. They enter a dark tunnel and are drawn toward a brilliant light composed of pure other worldly love and compassion. They’re reunited with dead relatives and in my personal favorite scenario, experience a profound life review telepathically. Also, a lot of times there are reports of floating around the hospital or elsewhere in close proximity to their surroundings, and accurately witnessing things that they couldn’t have possibly by conventional means. These experiences typically, although not always, have a profound and often overwhelmingly positive effect on the psyche of the divine contactee.

Read more…

Daniel Pinchbeck’s thoughts on the Norway Spiral


Possibly the Blue Star Kachina???

hail atlantis


solstice weekend


This Thursday!


Pssst. Rumor has it the Markers just signed to Sub Pop.
Seriously this is going to be a start to finish FUCKING AMAZING SHOW. You don’t wanna miss out.
See below for more details…



In anticipation of the upcoming Magik Markers show on the 17th at Chop Suey here’s some great photos taken by Christian Peterson of Dumb Eyes from last time the Markers came through Seattle. The Dumb Eyes crew will be on hand with guest projections and record spinning next thursday along w/ AFCGT, Sic Alps and Story of Rats. Catch a preview of the Dumb Eyes action at their monthly psyched-out DJ night PENETRATION at the Bus Stop on Olive & Denny this thursday 12/10…

Don Durham


This has been one of the hardest posts for me to do and there has been much procrastination on my part. In some ways writing this out it makes it real and final…even more so than the funeral or the wake or realizing that i will never see him again. He took care of me and tried to fix the broken souls of the world, myself included….but he couldn’t or wouldn’t fix his own broken soul.

On November 27, 2009 my good friend, confidant and even landlord decided to leave this world.  The world has lost an amazing man, and he will always and forever be missed.  xxxooodarlene

The Seattle Time Obituary…..

William Donald Lohnes II, also known as Don Durham, passed away at the age of 46 on Friday November 27th, 2009. Don was born on October 23rd, 1963 in Sedalia, Missouri. He was a beloved son, brother, uncle, and friend. Don was a brilliant self-taught musician and gifted writer, well known for his rapier wit and incredibly dry sense of humor. He was a talented photographer and artist. Don was a world traveler; a collector of experiences and an aficionado of curiosities. Above all, Don possessed a gentle soul and had great empathy for others. Through his unique talents Don never failed to enrich the many lives he touched. He is greatly loved and will be profoundly missed. Don is survived by his parents, Bill & Ella Lohnes; his siblings Steven & Nancy Lohnes, Loretta & Ash Pell, and Joni & Joe Berté; nieces Kristina Card, Chandra Lohnes, Alyssa Pell and Robin Britt; nephews Derek Fincher and Aric Pell; and many friends.

12/11 Never Forget and 12/13 Dragging an Ox through Water


Two amazing house parties are happening this weekend folks….


12/11/09-Never Forget

House party at on Queen Anne Friday, real live bands a playin’ in the basement:

Woven Bones


Hot River

All gets goin’ round-about 10. Bring a friend. Never forget.  email for the address…..


12/13/09-Dragging an Ox through Water

The Dreamstation 64 house (927 29th Ave S) is hosting a show….

Dragging an Ox through Water (pdx, blowing my MIND lately)


Deception Pass

(apologies to non linked bands….i tried to find y’all).

sabbath assembly


For all the saps who missed out on the truly amazing Process Church Sabbath Assembly (they brought the show to Seattle this last Halloween) here’s a chance for redemption. The fine folks at Hollow Earth Radio documented the secret rehearsals at the Process Compound and scored interviews with Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, Timothy Wylie and Dave Nuss (No Neck Blues Band, NY). Originally a live broadcast this will be aired again on Friday 12/11 at 8pm. Put it on your calender…
From the hollow earth blog-
“Join us this Friday 11dec09 at 8pm PST as we bring you recordings of The Sabbath Assembly rehearsal (for their show at the Fremont Abbey on Halloween) PLUS interviews with Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, Timothy Wylie and more!”