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Cursillistas 10/29


blues control


Blues Control do not play the blues. What they do is a bit harder to find a word for. If there is no word for something can you hear it? You’ll definitely want to come down to the Funhouse this sunday for a Day of the Dead extravaganza and find out. Featuring the soul-shredding sounds of Little Claw and the extra-dimensional vibes of Brother Raven. Special guest projections by Dumb Eyes.

scarier than life


A few suggestions of mind-bending cosmic horror in time for the holidays. If you haven’t seen every one of these you are a gigantic loser who is living a meaningless existence. Happy Hallaween…

I Drink Your Blood


Lemora- A Childs Tale of the Supernatural

MATANGO aka Attack of the Mushroom People

Grapes of Death, Fascination or most anything by Jean Rollin

The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed up Zombies

The Awakening of the Beast or most anything by Coffin Joe

Frogs, Xtro, Brain Damage, House of Frankenstein/Dracula, Rites of Frankenstein, The Deadly Spawn, Dracula AD 1970, etc. etc…

plankton wat


Sizzle your synapses with Plankton Wat.

An all too brief vid from last weeks show at the Rendezvous w/ Pollens and David & Emily. Plankton Wat is Dewey Mahood of Eternal Tapestry in a meditative mode. Watch out for his many excellent releases on LP, Cassette and CDR. Vid shot by Loni w/ Projections by Darlene.

vile live @the high dive


Tonight Saturday 10/16 the imminent Kurt Vile returns to Seattle (this time with his band the Violators) along w/ Eat Skull, the Whines and Charles Leo Gebhardt IV. At the High Dive in Fremont…

dia de los muertos


Coming November 1st- A Portable Shrines Dia de los Muertos show w/ Blues Control, Little Claw and Brother Raven at the Funhouse. Blues Control (of Queens, NY) have been gifting the world with unique and  amazing jams on reputable labels such as Holy Mountain, SiltBreeze and Sub Pop for some time now but I believe this rare appearance in the NW is their first journey to these parts. Don’t miss it, cousins.

Little Claw are one of Kim and Thurston’s fave bands (he just put out there 2nd album on Ecstatic Peace) and they leave a trail of fire in their wake wherever they go. Check out some of their new tunes HERE.

Little Claw in the light of day...

Brother Raven are a local Seattle duo who deserve your undivided attention. Their analog virtuosity will take you on an awesome voyage through the pineapple portal and into interstellar space. Dig up on that shit right HERE.

motionless. emotionless.


The Sian Alice Group graced Seattle last night with their magikal resonance, enthralling all in attendance at the Sunset Tavern. Sian uses her melancholy vocals over her various percussions while Ben’s edgy noise filled guitar, Rupert’s dissonant monkey jazz drumming, Eben’s bass, flute, and horn and Stephen’s spaced out keyboard create the beauty supporting her beauty.

They are headed north to Vancouver, Canada to play the Biltmore Cabaret with Seattle’s lovely The Dutchess and The Duke and continue the their US tour until October 19th.


AU 10.15.09 @ the rendezvous

golden gods

golden gods

From 20 to 2, AU’s new EP, Versions, builds joyously from the successes of it’s previous LP, Verbs. Shifting from AU’s previous albums, which saw lengthy lists of friends helping out and a live act that could swell to 20 with a revolving door of players from Portland, OR, Versions marks the evolution of it’s sound into something more singular and uniquely it’s own brand of experimental pop. From its start in 2005 as an art student’s bedroom recording project, it has become a road worn live act comprised of multi-instrumentalist/singer and founder Luke Wyland and percussionist Dana Valatka. Long time collaborators outside of this project, they are an accomplished live act that have been touring incessantly for the last year and a half throughout the US and Europe with great bands including Deerhoof, the Dodos and the Parenthetical Girls. Recorded in Vermont and New Hampshire through the winter of 2008-9, it stands as a document of their distinctive ability to reinterpret songs from their recorded form and the heightened energy of their live show. With Dana’s virtuosic drumming spawned from a youth playing in heavy metal bands, Luke’s ability to multitask on numerous instruments at once, and their “special one-on-one musical, almost telepathic connection,” it is a snap shot into their sprawling sets that find them deftly navigating between bombastic walls of sound (Ida Walked Away), lilting lyrical numbers (All Myself) and carnivalesque organ celebrations (Are Animals).

Versions includes one new song, Ida Walked Away, and reworkings of songs from previous albums.* It will be released as a limited edition of 500 on 10” vinyl with digital download including extra tracks.

Audio Sample of Ida Walked Away

1. Ida Walked Away
2. RR vs. D
3. Are Animals
4. All Myself
5. Death
6. Boute (digital only)

*RR vs. D, Are Animals and All Myself from Verbs, Aagoo Records 6/08
*Death and Boute originally from AU, Aagoo Records 5/07

(thanks aagoo for the lovely press release!)