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Sky Sunlight Saxon

Sky Sunlight Saxon

– Austin, Texas –

SKY SUNLIGHT SAXON of the psychedelic garage rock legends THE SEEDS passed away this morning at 9:10am, June 25th, 2009 at St. David’s South Austin Hospital in Austin, Texas. Sky died of heart & kidney failure, due to an undiagnosed infection of his internal organs. He passed peacefully with his wife Sabrina Smith Saxon & spiritual brother in YaHoWha Joshua Aquarian by his side. He died, in Sky’s words, at the age of “eternal”.

SKY SUNLIGHT SAXON fell ill as early as last Thursday in his new home of Austin, Texas. Despite feeling under the weather Saturday, he performed a short set of SEEDS classics at the local legendary night club Antone’s with his local collective WORLD SPIRITS, his favorite Austin band SHAPES HAVE FANGS. Sky & his wife Sabrina recently moved to Austin, following his exciting headlining performance at the Austin Psych Fest #2 in March. Several tours were scheduled, including the East Coast/Mid-West tour in August with the California ’66 Revue, with members of LOVE & THE ELECTRIC PRUNES. The tour will still continue despite his absence.

Arrangements are being made for a local tribute & a memorial gathering. Sabrina Saxon will be making a pilgrimage to the Hawaiian Islands in the coming months to spread her husband’s ashes. Please look for further announcements on how fans worldwide may honor Sky’s memory in lieu of flowers. Fans & friends are encouraged to leave memories & visual tokens of love & memoriam at these following websites:

Sky had many projects in the works that will undoubtedly still be completed & released in the coming months. One of which is a documentary about his legendary band THE SEEDS to be released next year in 2010. The documentary chronicles the band’s activities with exclusive interviews with all original members, & rare never-before-seen footage of the band live & in session. The project is spear-headed by Alec Palao of Ace Records U.K. (The Zombies’ box set “Zombie Heaven”) –

“Part of the impetus for the SEEDS documentary is to correct a lot of the misperceptions about the band,” explains documentary-maker ALEC PALAO, “and to properly state their role and achievements, and celebrate their music for what it is. The band were way ahead of their time, which I realize more and more as I go thru the nuts and bolts of their recordings. Due to various circumstances beyond the band’s control, the original integrity of what the band was doing got lumped in with the worst commercial hype of the psychedelic scene as it expanded. Ultimately it means that the hipsters and tastemakers got turned off by the hype, and those prejudices have remained with all the commentators and writers ever since. So THE DOORS remain hip and leaders and THE SEEDS are seen as commercial hippies, followers, or not even an authentic part of the initial movement, which of course is dead wrong. I’m doing my part to correct that!”

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dance california part deux


Restore Maximum Freedom Fest IV in Davis was a fabulous time. Wooden Shjips, Eternal Tapestry, Thee Oh Sees, Pregnant, Meth Teeth, the Mayyors, Lucky Dragons and DMPT rocked and everyone danced, ate and drank through the heat. Photos are located here and here


dance dance dance

eternal tapestry at restore maximum freedom fest IV 5.16.09

eternal tapestry at restore maximum freedom fest IV 5.16.09

lucky dragons at restore maximum freedom fest IV 5.16.09

lucky dragons at restore maximum freedom fest IV 5.16.09

thee oh sees at restore maximum freedom fest IV 5.16.09

thee oh sees at restore maximum freedom fest IV 5.16.09

wooden shjips at restore maximum freedom fest IV 5.16.09

wooden shjips at restore maximum freedom fest IV 5.16.09

meth teeth at restore maximum freedom fest IV 5.16.09

meth teeth at restore maximum freedom fest IV 5.16.09

dance california


Way back in May Portable Shrines took a little trip down to San Fransisco, Oakland, Davis and Arcata to check out some bands and do some camping…here are photos from the Wooden Shjips, Eternal Tapestry and New Rock Syndicate show at Thee Parkside. Light show by Sanae!

wooden shjips at thee parkside 5.15.09

wooden shjips at thee parkside 5.15.09

new rock syndicate at thee parkside

new rock syndicate at thee parkside 5.15.09

eternal tapestry at the parkside

eternal tapestry at thee parkside 5.15.09

transcendental BBQ


Just a reminder- This sunday at the Josephine: a Portable Shrines Summer Solstice Celebration with Midday Veil, Prince Rama of Ayodhya and White Hinterland. Projections and vibes by Portable Shrines and the Ambassadors of the 4th Dimension.
FYI- Prince Rama are a small band of travelers from the east (coast that is) who are on to some amazing cosmic shit that is likely to cause outbreaks of chronic third eye visions. White Hinterland hail from Portland and are sure to make some beautiful noise as well.
Download a new song by our own Midday Veil here. MDV’s Emily Pothast gave us this little summation:

The Summer Solstice (June 21 in the Northern Hemisphere) occurs when the tilt of the earth’s axis is most inclined toward the sun, making it the longest day of the year. For ancient and traditional people who identify the sun as the source of life energy, the solstices are sacred holidays of the great cycles of death and rebirth.

All of the bands on this Sunday’s Portable Shrines lineup play music that is spiritually or astronomically inspired. We believe that the opportunity to share this music on the occasion of the solstice serves to link the music of this world with the music of the spheres, heightening the intensity and cosmic purpose of the rock and roll ritual.

blue moon


This poster is pretty damn sweet in spite of being a shameless swipe from the Wolverton Bible

brought to you by the almighty Fantagraphics Books. Somebody had to do it I guess and in the case of

this one it is in the name of twin titans from the deeper cthonic realms of mindswirling sound known

as Datura Blues and Mindless Thuggs! Gonna be good. At Seattle freak landmark the Blue Moon on sunday and I think it’s free…

summer solstice @ the joesphine


Summer Solstice happening June 21st at the josephine-Midday Veil, Prince Rama of Ayodhya, and White Hinterland.
For those unfamiliar, Midday Veil chanteuse and portableshrines cohort Emily Pothast also writes a blog
Translinguistic Other which we are unashamed to say we fucking love.

awaken your kundalini.

Prince Rama of Ayodhya performing dawn of astronomy @ the cake shop…

psychic ills


we are hosting the Psychic Ills -Indian Jewelry-Backward Masks show at the funhouse july 13th. this is the new psychic ills video for mantis…

jellyfish and dragonflys from outer space


regardless of who or what creates crop circles, these are stunning…. behold the dragonfly and the jellyfish