friday june 5th


Local bastions of heavy (mostly)instrumental mind-movies Kinski will be making a rare appearance at the relatively intimate environs of the Funhouse this Friday. Joining them will be the Eternal Tapestry from Portland who are kind enough to bring along their heavy sisters Purple Rhinestone Eagle (to fill in for Backward Masks who can’t make it due to cat-fish related noodling injury). Visuals will be provided by the Portable Shrines Light Show Society.

Read what Dave Segal at the Stranger had to say about it here.

do you know this hotdog is talking to me?


Now for some saturday morning cartoons

The shocking truth about hotdogs…

And then there’s Xavier: Renegade Angel an actual show on actual television(adult swim) brought to you by PFFR.

Visionary cartoons for the Salvia generation.

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buffalo free press


Check out these relics from the University of Idaho…circa 9/15/70 and 10/26/70…

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dos is the floatiest


The Wooden Shjips recent excursion to the Northwest coincided with the release of their new album “Dos” on the always awesome Holy Mountain label and after an amazing show they laid one on us (a copy of the new album that is). Dos keeps the motorikal grooves grooving with perhaps a tad more emphasis on the tight rhythms and low-end throb. It’s the kind of repetition that gets better and better the more times it swirls around the skull, spiraling down into a whirlpool of squarewaves and vibrato at the center of which Terry Riley collides headlong with the Ramones (or is it Suicide meets the Dead?).  The Shjips ride that riff til the sky opens up and that speck way off in the distance has suddenly grown into a mountain.

Those that didn’t get it the first time around (Garsh, these guys are just playing the same durn thing over and over!) may or may not experience that moment of satori wherein the secret is revealed but while this album probably won’t launch the Shjips into the mainstream the chosen few have a new summer anthem.

(The vinyl is in stores now…)

This weekend they will be playing two epic shows, (both w/ Eternal Tapestry) Friday 5/15 at Thee Parkside in SF and Saturday at Maximum Freedom Fest in Woodland, CA.

happening happenings happening


Too many happening happenings happening this weekend in Seattle to know where to begin… A ton of cool art stuff going on as Belltown blows up again on friday starting with KHV laying down the funky summer jams to make the sun come out at Fancy (next to the Nite Light on 2nd). And of course a couple doors up at Nancy is the opening of Steve Quenell’s Seeking Axis Mundi.

Then wander down yonder to the Rendezvous Jewelbox Theater as the Seattle Occultural Music Festival continues with Joy Von Spain, Midday Veil and a legion of other fascinating folks.

Sunday is Telegram Sam’s wild wild Birthday Potluck at the Comet (MATINEE SHOW 4-8!)

With Backward Masks(read the Stranger’s assessment of these mysterious space voyagers here)

Wah Wah Exit Wound and Tiny Light. Bring a dish to pass.

play that hammond, man


Veering off into the jazz prog lane for a bit….Monday night Brian Auger of The Trinity and Brian Auger’s Oblivion Express, showed the Triple Door crowd in Seattle how to a keyboard is meant to be played. Having  jammed with legends such as with Led Zeppelin, Sonny Boy Williamson, Eric Burdon, Jimi Hendrix, Julie Driscoll and Rod Stewart, he is currently touring with his son Karma on drums, his daughter Savannah on vocals and Andreas Geck on bass…all incredible musicians in their own right. They played a solid set, featuring Brain Damage, Second Wind and covers of  Donovan’s Season of the Witch, The Door’s Light My Fire, and Wes Montgomery’s Bumpin’ on Sunset.

Ghostly visions on Beltane


May 1st Ghost from Japan graced the Crocodile with their gasp inducing sounds and beauty.

more photos

Apologies to the equally awe inspiring Six Organs of Admittance, due to some sort of sporting event and the resulting detours we got to the show right as their set ended.

Check out Dave Segal’s review in the Stranger for a excellent blow by blow of the evening…

Cosmic Coitus


Brilliant Collective member Emily Pothast of Midday Veil will be presenting a stimulating lecture today at The Sharma Center in Seattle….check it out if you can…

cosmic coitus

cosmic coitus

Cosmic Coitus: A Slide show of Art, Sex and Spirituality
A Presentation for the 2009 Seattle Erotic Art Festival

Sunday, May 3, 2009
3:00pm – 4:00pm

The Sharma Center…406 Dexter

Cosmic Coitus is a titillating glimpse into the history of the human imagination. Drawing on sacred art from around the world and the writings of mythologists such as Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell, artist and writer Emily Pothast will trace the often rocky relationship between sex and spirituality to shed light on symbols, structures and paradigms that persist today as fragments of a mythic past.

Emily Pothast is a visual artist, musician, essayist, and the current Director of the Antique Print Department at Davidson Galleries in Seattle. Emily studied psychology, philosophy and art history before receiving a Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of Washington in 2005. She is the author of the critically acclaimed art blog Translinguistic Other, which focuses on the overlapping domains of science, creativity, and the religious impulse.

The lecture will be free and open to the public (Donations accepted at the door.)

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