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BrightBlack Morning Light’s Crystal Totem Coastling Tour


This week BrightBlack Morning Light leave their solar powered dwelling in northern New Mexico and begin a brief west coast tour. They are supporting their bluesy drugged-out drone “Motion to Rejoin” 2008 release.

While reading Arthur Magazine’s recent interview with Nabob Shineywater and Rabob Hughes I was particularly struck by Nabob’s concern for today’s youth….after he lamented that he “hoped the Dirty Three would be the next Grateful Dead” he goes on to elaborate about mainstream festivals and youth who attend them…

“I worry about kids today. Who is there to show them the way? There are no great public places left to host the parking lot scenes that [the Grateful Dead] used to have. Cops would bust that up now. Homeland Security? They point it back on the people. I hear at some festivals now, not only do they have pot dogs, but they also tax you on the street value of the pot you’re carrying. Where will positive group references for psychedelics be? A lot of music festivals combine positive bands with bands that express a lot of hate. You don’t want psychedelics in that environment, and kids have the drugs either place. Where will kids meet leaders in a public place? This isn’t going to happen online, or by looking at iconic posters in a music store.”

So grab your crystals, pack your bowl with some sativa or chew a few shrooms and check them out…just maybe we can find in BrightBlack Morning Light what Nabob had hoped for in the Dirty Three…

Tour Dates:

  • 01/05 Kennewick, WA @ Red Room w/Daniel Higgs
  • 01/06 Olympia, WA @ Big Room w/Daniel Higgs
  • 01/08 Seattle, WA @ Vera Project w/Daniel Higgs
  • 01/09 Portland, OR @ Holocene w/Daniel Higgs
  • 01/10 Eugene, OR @ Sam Bonds Garage w/Daniel Higgs
  • 01/12 Arcata, CA @ Humboldt Brews w/Daniel Higgs
  • 01/14 San Francisco, CA @ The Independent w/Glasser
  • 01/16 Santa Cruz, CA @ Historic Brookdale Lodge w/Glasser