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davila 666

In September of 2007 I was playing bass in the Wayward Girls, and our second show was at the Funhouse with a band from Puerto Rico called Davila 666. I liked what I heard on the myspace, and was in love by the end of the first song they kicked out that night. Davila 666 take 70’s punk, mix it with some soul, throw in a dash of garage, add a bit of 80’s darkwave and top it off with a Caribbean spice that subtly infects you. These boys even got notoriously buttoned up Seattle hipsters to shake it…not an easy task.

With a new album out on In the Red Records and a single coming out on HoZac Records early next year I decided it was time to interview my Puerto Rican brothers. Sir Charles Davila (Carlito) had the honor of being the spokesman for the band.

Portable Shrines: First off, congratulations are in order for the new album on In the Red Records! I have heard your songs on the radio in Seattle and in San Francisco; I am so excited for Davila to get airplay in the states. How did you hook up with Larry Hardy and In the Red? Has it changed anything for the band?

Carlito: Thanks! We love the album and the feedback has been really good. Larry Hardy saw us play in L.A. with Haunted George who actually asked him to check us out. His girlfriend bought a cd and he heard that a couple of months later loved it and offered to put it out on in the red. Since it came out things have changed, we cut down on carbs and laced blunts cause we were looking fat and strung out and chicks don’t like that shit.

PS: Are there any plans for a tour in support of the album? Please say you are coming to Seattle soon!

C: We are definitely touring the states early next year (2009), and not only are we coming to Seattle, but we’re sleeping on your couch and pissin’ in your neighbor’s gas tank. Just like last year!!!

PS: What is the underground music scene like in Puerto Rico? Are there any bands that you think people should know about? What are some venues, bars or underground clubs you would recommend to visitors?

C: The scene in Puerto Rico is similar to any of the states I guess, a handful of great bands (Lopo Drido, Los Vigilantes, Ardillas), and a shitload of crappy ones. Also there’s a lot less snobs in pointy shoes, and a lot more dancing. Shows can be thrown in whatever bar is down for it which is good and bad. Some bars are more organized for shows (La Respuesta, Araba, Taller Ce) but if you’re visiting and love rocknroll just get a hold of us before you fly out and we’ll take you partying and get you fucked up, promise!

PS: What are some of your musical influences? Are there any other cultural influences, such as movies or art, that inspire the band and your songs?

C: There’s the obvious Stones, Stooges, VU, Jesus and Mary Chain. Me personally, I love me some 60’s girl groups, La Lupe, Killed by Death stuff, Medication and the Frenzy (why hasn’t she put anything out???). We all love films and other stuff like comics, porn, santeria and more.

PS: When you were in Seattle you guys cooked me some fabulous traditional Puerto Rican dishes. Could you share a recipe or some culinary secrets of your families?

C: No family secrets but I got a recipe!!!

Puerto Rican Gazpacho:
get some salt cured codfish and soak it in water a couple of hours to get the salt off, then cut into small chunks and put in a big bowl, cut avocado and tomato into chunks and add to the cod, then dice cilantro and green onion, add along with olive oil and a little cayenne, toss it well, cool it in the fridge, buy some french bread make a sandwich and eat that motherfucker!!!!!

C: (by the way, i didn’t really piss in yer neighbors gas tank.)

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