Rest In Space


The great electronic pioneer Edgar Froese of Tangerine Dream has past on into the distant reaches of the cosmos. Farewell spaceman.
This live footage from Coventry Cathedral in 1975 is some of the best I’ve seen and will surely send you soaring into the ether. Strangely enough I was about to post this one last week…



The coolest thing you are likely to see all day, courtesy of Serge Gainsbourg and Brigitte Bardot ca. 1968.

Wooden Shjips ca. 2012

Hama – Ataraghine


New sounds from West Africa. Learn more at Sahel Sounds

The Evolution of Kraft/neu!


It is said that in ancient times Kraftwerk and Neu! interbred and created bizarre primeval sounds…

And one from after they kicked Rother and Dinger out of the band (probably for playing too damn loud?!).

Kim Fowley American Hero RIP 2015


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Poseurs Yoga TV

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On The Silver Globe

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Saturday 10/18


Starts early! All Ages! 1412 18th Ave!

Set times:
8:30: Ecstatic Cosmic Union
9:30-on: Stag Hare/Ashan

It shall be a magical ritual of light and sound.
Feel free to bring a blanket or whatever and get cozy.


Stag Hare and Ashan Temple Vibe Tour


Coming up the West Coast as we speak, purveyors of cosmic bliss Stag Hare and Ashan bring their ethereal vibes to Seattle this Saturday 10/18 at Gallery 1412 with Ecstatic Cosmic Union.

Feel free to bring a blanket and/or pillow and get immersed in otherworldly sights and sounds.

Meditation For The Lunar Eclipse


And now, a 10 minute meditation for the Lunar Eclipse. Please take a moment to get your Lunar energies in balance.

Goin’ Down With Mr. Spaceman


New Ills vid is is actually super funny. Space Jam!

White Poppy Does Faust


A beautiful cover of Faust’s krautrock klassic “Jennifer” by White Poppy. Download it HERE

The Range of Light


The Range of Light from ∞∞∞ on Vimeo.

a film by- Lawrence Martinez • music by – INNER ISLANDS • Gkfoes Vjgoaf – Redwood Dream, Waterfall Dream, Giving Is Receiving • Stag Hare- Holy Person • WYLD WYZRDZ – In Wonder